YouTubers who review Beer.

Every once in a while yours truly gets it in his head that maybe he should do a VLOG or start Reviewing Beers and putting it on YouTube.  It might happen. But for now I’ll write my limited reviews with suggestions from local friends and stuff as I “reinvent the BDU site as you are currently seeing it.

But every once in a while I go out and see what’s out there. You got everyone from “The Girl Next Door “ by Maria Devan, “The Beer Whisperer” and “Ethan’s Beer Reviews” and a plethora of other personalities to choose from.

They are all pretty good at least in that they do a pretty good job of describing the complexities of the Beer they are tasting. And they all have a range of personalities and range of passions about the substance we all like to consume.  Ethan’s introduction says it all and I dig his passion for beer but his like of energy drinks? (Shudder) Meh….

Up in New Hampshire though we have a local named Jeffery Lyons who has a channel he calls NEBR or “New England Beer Reviews.” He’s a little dry but his passion for beer is interesting. His knowledge of local breweries is staggering and I have learned a ton from him. He gets really into the Nose of the beer and the Taste. He’ll give you the “sciency” descriptions of the above and more.

I like him for 2 reasons: He’s local and he goes outside once in a while and might even do a few tastings if he is at a festival.  And that’s really cool. While he will start of dry sometimes, especially if the beer is good, he will describe the character with more passion.  So – sometimes it’s fun to watch him react.

These folks are not pros by any means.  In fact Jeff describes himself as an “amateur beer taster” even with his accurate descriptors of beer character, But with that being said it’s cool to watch these folks really react to beer.

Like I said, Someday I may try my hand at this. However, mine will be more laid back and more about my reactions because beer is personal. So is wine.. And so is everything we taste. We all have different taste buds and it’s subjective for everyone “personally.” I will stress that: if I do not like a particular beer that it should not deter you from trying it because you might like that particular character of the beer.

But check these folks out. Recommend some others for me to check out in the comments below

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