W-Labs Develops a Fermentation Appliance for the Homebrewer!

So an Indiegogo page was posted (Click Here) and they have already reached their $100,000 goal as of this writing. Bob Schnieder thinks Homebrewers can do it better. With less hustle and bustle of typical home brewing.

It’s called Vessitm Fermentor. It’s an all in one appliance that all said and done will cost about $1399 per unit. You pour your wort in, pitch your yeast, and in less than 7 days you crash the temperature and dispense the beer out of the attached tap and/or you can use secondary ports to bottle or keg the beer.

Check out the intro Video here:

The thought process is that typical home brewing environments are far to susceptible to outside influences that can spoil the beer during the process of making.  Days spent lifting, sanitizing, siphoning, conditioning, worrying, and waiting. Are a thing of the past with the VessiTM Fermenter.

UnderTheHood_d7cnbr[1]The Vessi™ Fermentor started in W Labs™ – a small, nimble division of Whirlpool Corporation that brings innovative ideas to life. But in fact, Vessi™ Fermenter started even smaller.  The fermenter and dispenser was a bright idea in the minds of a small team of Whirlpool employees, who believed they had something brilliant for the home-brewing market. They saw the difficulty of fermentation, the long wait for good, home-brewed beer, and believed there had to be a better way.

Pretty much all you need is a beer recipe, an hour or so of brewing and boiling your Wort and then you pour it all into the VessiTM and check on it once in a while and even remove sediment.  In fact they claim it’s only 3 steps:

UnderTheHood-2_a7iec6[1]Step 1: Transfer your brewed Wort and pitch your yeast (This might be 2 steps but really who cares right?
Step 2:: Clear the sediment with their patented removal system. An optional additional step can be adding aromas and/or flavors via a liquid injection system.
Step 3: Dispense – Pour, bottle, or keg

It looks pretty interesting, I’m sure my wife would not want it installed in the kitchen but who knows?

What do you all think?

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