Who Knew It was: #NationalSausagePizzaDay, And Who Really Cares?

Seriously, who comes up with these “trend days” on Twitter? It’s bad enough that the “Card Store that shall not be named” was making up holidays to sell more greeting cards now – it seems like any ole’ git, can jump on twitter to make up some holiday and throw a stupid hashtag in front of it and BOOM: you got a new holiday trending like crazy…

11377929_458285294337934_1160985142_n1But then again it is Sausage Pizza and let’s face it: Pizza needs Beer and beer needs pizza and Sausage Pizza? Well come on. Right? So I guess – maybe we do care?

At this point I should make some pairing suggestions. There are literally a billions of “Pairing articles on Pizza and yet another billion pairing articles for sausage. Ironically my google search for: “Sausage Pizza” and “Beer” did not yield much in the way for me to just simply say: “Go Here” so I’m wingin’ it:

There are oh so many options but hmmm… I suppose it might depend right?

I mean, suppose you order just a plain Sausage and Cheese? A traditional Pilsner or Adjunct Ale can’t be wrong in my opinion. But let’s face it, Pilsners are the most popular lagers in the world today, originating in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Pilsners are a fairly dry style of beer with a strong malt flavor. Pilsners pair well with grilled, mild sausages. And coincidentally with Pizza…

I suppose you could get a Sam Adams Noble Pils, or a Lagunitas Pils is good as well… If you’re Cheap.. Just go with an Adjunct Lager and just say Bud….

But what if you are in a bit of a mood for more cheese and thus: you order extra cheese with your pizza? Extra-Cheese and Sausage pizza. Mmmmmmm … Then May I suggest a good ESB? (Extra Strong Bitter.) Because a nice ESB with a malt-forward taste can create richness with a simple cheese slice. An ESB’s nuttiness is a natural fit with the sausage slices salt while the beer’s soft mouthfeel and sweet caramel push the gooey factor with the cheese. Usually with ESB’s there is just enough bitterness that is able to wash away the greasiness.

In my own state of New Hampshire we are lucky enough to have a division of Seattle based Redhook Ale Brewery just around the corner. And Redhook makes a mighty fine ESB that for a time I was drinking like it was going out of style. I just had one recently and thought: “Why did I stop drinking this?”

But what if you are one of those “Nuevo” pretentious type people who feel you have to go in that bizarre direction and order a white pizza with sausage. I’ve seen it done. Wasn’t bad… But to me you need the Tomato paste, but I digress. with a white style pizza I suggest any of today’s IPAs that range from resinous pine to juicy pineapple; with a white olive oil-inspired pizza, find one with hops that lean green (think grassy, oniony and catty). If you are ordering a white pizza with sausage you will feel all guilty and thus demand a bunch of onions, garlic, olives, and probably spinach, and just maybe some whole tomatoes, thus an IPA’s bitterness deftly bristles away the oil and cheese, leaving only fresh and deceptively healthy veggie flavors behind and yet still leaving that yummy taste of sausage.

Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA would in my mind be a great pairing for this, but some may lean more toward a Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA. Myself? My ole’ personal favorite: Harpoon IPA would – errrrr.. Who am I kidding I would drink Harpoon IPA with all of the above examples of pizza.

So there you have it. My quick and dirty stab at a pairing suggestion article. Meh… What the hell do I know – it’s still a made up for “Twitter” day..

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