High Hopes of NH Bacon & Beer Festival

Way back in the day my own Mother was heavily involved with an organization called the “High Hopes Foundation.” “High Hopes” is a charity that was focusing
on granting wishes to “terminally ill” New Hampshire children. My Mother was the President for a while and I used to be in charge of Parking for their (at the time.) biggest fundraiser: “The High Hopes Balloon Festival.” Later on my Wife became the treasurer and unfortunately High Hopes lost their usual “Venue” for the Balloon festival, and no new venue could be found, and “Life events” happened and my Mother, my Wife, and I, could no longer volunteer for the organization.

However, I have just recently learned a “Different Event” is being stood up, and it’s certainly an event that your’s truly, and all New England followers of BeerDrinkersUnited.com, should be able to get behind. It is the:


The announcement is very new and thus far – there is limited info on the site. Thus, I hope to get more info as soon as possible. Limited info on the website describes the event as:

“The NH Bacon & Beer Festival, is one day celebrating the greasy, fatty, savory goodness of bacon alongside the endless possibilities of flavors that have come to define well crafted beer. The festival will offer attendees to sample delicious dishes of bacon prepared by area chefs and restaurants. These delectables will be paired alongside fresh local beers and the brewers. In a nut shell, the NH Bacon and Beer Festival looks to celebrate local chefs and local brewers alongside the glory that is bacon.”

Hmmmmm… I for one, am intrigued…

They even seem to have a website at:  Here

On top of that they seem to have a facebook page: Here

Check them out! Oh – and while you are at it:  be sure to check out the main charity this event is benefiting here.

Cheers! and remember to Drink Responsibly and in this case, “Eat Responsibly.”

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