What else besides IPA and Pumpkin Ales in October?

If I’ve said it before I’ve said it a 1000 times: Beer is personal. My “Go-To” beer is usually Harpoon IPA. I love it. I mean it’s just “the Bee’s Knees..” (Insert record player scratch remove sound here.)

batpumpkinWait –  did I just say: “The Bee’s Knees?” —- Sigh… We need an intervention:

I go to the Bar to help myself out of this funk, I need something different besides an IPA!!! And I look at all the beer Taps and…and… and…. holy crap! Who the hell knew there was so many Pumpkin flavors – I mean, seriously? So in October: if it’s not an IPA it’s Pumpkin Ale?? and Bud Or Coors light? That’s it?

We the Beer consumers only have ourselves to blame. like sheep we flock to the latest and greatest thing. When Samuel Adams came out with the Boston Lager we flocked to all the different Lagers. Then the Pale ales and it was years of different Pale Ales, Then During the Winter a bunch of Wheat flavored winter beers came out and thus, the Birth of the “seasonal ales” was born…

IPA’s came out ayougetipand so many of them sucked but the good ones? It became a quest to find the best IPA or brew the best IPA! and we have been consuming them like a thirst ridden, dehydrated patient, in the sahara desert.

In the Fall Samuel Adams released a “Oktoberfest” ale but that wasn’t enough for us. Was it?  It’s halloween right? and what goes with Halloween in October? Pumpkins.  And now we are literally inundated with Pumpkin ales…

saypumpkinagainIt’s like walking down the street and seeing a Starbucks and/or a Dunkin Donuts, only to turn around and see yet another Starbucks and/or a Dunkin Donuts. So now you go to the beer isle and/or beer stores are filled with pumpkin flavored ales and IPAs. and you turn around in the isle and there is a display of pumpkin flavored ales and IPAs!

There has to be more to life right?

What happened to the quest for Brown ales? I had an awesome Red ale, and even suggested it as one of the beers to drink on Labor Day, and nobody cared. But By god yet another pumpkin flavored beer and everyone is rushing out their doors handing out their cash to get it!pumkinseverywhere

SO.. Here’s the question to all of you:

What is your favorite beer out there that’s not an IPA or a Pumpkin Ale. You have to like something else right? SO tell us! Tweet us @BeerDrinksUnite with #BDUMyOtherBeerIs and tell us what your drinking besides the IPA and Pumpkin Ale. Or if you are reading this off our website simplee comment below. Show us you are “different” and not “mainstream.” Teach us one and all, that there are other really good beers out there in the world!!

Oh and if you like the memes in this post: I used: ImgFlip check them out.

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