Beer Apps are all the Rage….Except for me….

Even though I work in IT there is one technology I’m kind of only partially embracing of.. My Smart Phone… Sure, I got one. I have a Motorola Droid Turbo, and – I even have a Motorola 360 watch to go with it..

I mean realistically I think my Wife bought me the watch so that I would stop ignoring her texts. I’m just not a “texter” and quite honestly? I’m not even an app user.

This Article talks about the how 74% of Craft Beer drinkers consult their phones before opening their wallets to buy a beer. That seems like a pretty high number to me…

untappd[1]I have Untappd… But I’m horrible at it… By the time I think “Oh that beer was pretty good I should post that in Untappd” It’s like 2 days later and I’m at work. I’m usually so involved in drinking the beer and socializing I don’t think to post it on an app.

But now people are using the apps to figure out what beer to get… And I think that’s kind of sad. Where is the adventure of just going to the Beer store or a pub and just randomly picking a beer and trying it? Or if the Bar has a special on something and they suggest it? I’m not going to say: “Hold up – let me check my phone and see what someone who has completely different taste buds from mine, and see if they liked it or not.”

Taste is subjective and different for everyone. And this is Ironic for me to say because I am considering doing a YouTube channel doing beer tastings. If and when I do it though I will be very adamant that if I do not like a beer that does not mean you will not like it… Everyone’s “tastes” are different and that’s a good thing.

There are some good apps out there though. Untappd, as I mentioned before seems to be the go-to app for the social drinker. BeerAdvocate of course has an app and it’s essentially a miniaturized version of their website with an addition of geolocation sorting of the beers and where to get them.

This article has a listing of the top 13 beer apps

What Apps are you using? Comment below.

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