“Barley & Hops” beer store open in Milford NH!

Large Singles inside Beer Cave

So what did you do on Mother’s Day? Oh that’s nice. I took my better half out to the consignment shops for Mother’s day.  On the way home my wife suggested we stop at the new Beer Store that she had heard had a “Soft Opening” on Friday. Who am I to argue with a great idea? Now – before I go on, let me just take a moment to say how great my wife is. This is a woman who does not really like beer that much. She’s never really been a drinker, unlike myself, but for her, to suggest on “her day” to stop off at the new “Beer Store” in town? That’s a woman I love dearly.

The Store is called “Barley and Hops” located in Lorden’s Plaza in Milford New Hampshire nestled at  the far right end next to the Postal Center. As you walk in to the polished concrete floor there are shelves with some warm varieties of beers on the left. Behind that is 9 doors of coolers with the middle 5th door being the entrance to “The Beer Cave” where 6 packs and cases of beer is stored in roughly I would say a 20-25 foot  by 12+ foot cooler that is ice cold.

They boast that they have anywhere between 360 – 450 varieties of beer singles to custom make your own six packs.  To the right was a very different surprise. A wine area. Now, I know what you are thinking: WTF is wine doing with beer?” But: just shut up a moment and realize: to me, this is Brilliant marketing at its best.

Cool chandeliers that adorn the ceiling.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a great many women out there who like beer just as much as us guys. But there are an equal amount of women who think it mere swill and would much rather have a glass of wine. Thus, “Barley & Hops” recognize this and decided to have roughly 250 premium choices of wine. And behind that is a future beer and wine tasting area.

As I walked around this “Soft Opening” I realized it was very early for them to open. Signage still needs to be put up, and there were some issues with pricing on some of the singles. But they are well aware and they are working very hard in my opinion to get things right. And you can tell too, because they did not “Cheese out” on the coolers. They are brand new units and the pipes are under the concrete. This is the right way to do things in this industry.

inside the beer cooler

I thought my wife would be looking in the wine area but she was looking at all the beer choices. She was excited to see different summer shandys in the coolers and thus we grabbed a few for her. I looked at a few IPAs and settled on a few different beers and thus we walked out with 12 custom selected by us beers that were all cold and ready be consumed when we returned home.

Go on down and check them out if you happen to be in Milford.

Barley & Hops
614 Nashua Rd
Milford, NH 03055




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