The 3 Trends With Beer That We Must END NOW

Look, I know this is going to start a rash of “Drama” and “Controversy” with a lot of even some of my close friends, but after reading a few other articles about these subjects I felt I should put my own BDU special spin on it. And I’m serious, we really need to stop these 3 things:  

w-freezer-mug-with-gel40355PLEASE STOP FROSTING OUR MUGS

Seriously! Why in God’s green earth is there still bars in existence that serve beer in frozen glasses?!?! Almost if not all draft beer in America is served colder than the experts recommend to begin with so…. stop it! It causes extra foam when beer is poured into it. The extra cold is masking the flavor and possibly making the beer taste bad.  And let’s face it: how often are freezers cleaned? What else is on those ice crystals clinging on the inside of our glass? Ewww….


I get it. Drinking games seem like a great way to induce interactivity, but there are better ways to augment your relationship and experiences with your friends than rationing out glugs based on whose better at tossing a stupid ping pong ball into a cup, or which TV character says a specific thing. I used to play them. Hell, I even made rules for the show Ghost Hunters on the Sci-fi Channel. But I grew up.
Let’s face it though:  everyone has an “inner douche.”  Sure, you probably aren’t an A-hole 24 hours a day, but you have an “inner douche,” and the simplest way to keep the inner douche at bay is to stop playing drinking games. Drinking way too much with your friends is one of life’s great joys, and I would never ask anyone to give that up. But it’s time for us to take “sport” or worse, someone’s lack of “Sport” out of the equation.
Beer is meant to be consumed with friends while we laugh with each other, not dividing us into teams and laughing at each other. You do not need an excuse to drink more, we know we can do that, because as we all know: it’s not good for us when “Heavy Machinery” comes into play.  SO Just stop it


When I go to a Bar or Restaurant I will always ask what is on tap. When I try a Beer I commit to it. I will order a 16 or sometimes even a 20+ oz glass of whatever mystery brew that may have been described to me. But then I’ll inevitably get offered the “Sampler.”   For me, the novelty of these silly things has worn off.  They are awful. Because there you are like a sad sack trying to drink and even struggle your way through seven mini-pours of beer at once. I get it though. It seems Manly or downright courageous to try as many beers as possible, but this method is not fun.  Tasting too many different styles of beer can create what is called palate fatigue.  And trust me that sucks big time.


If the above makes me seem like a “Downer” … Oh Well, I’ll live…

What other Beer Trends do we need to stop? Comment below!

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