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Welcome to BeerDrinkersUnited.com's Temporary Page

So, what happened? Joel got so focused on "captcha" and things to prevent the Bots from posting on the site that he forgot about also focusing on the "Haxors" from inserting code into the site. So some "Russian Haxors" who believe that they have every right to insert any code into anybody else's website to forward you to a bad Russian pron site... It really wasn't good pron...

So, What does this mean for BDU? It means BDU will be relegated to this simple webpage for a bit. I'm looking into a few CMS page styles and It's my hope that BeerDrinkersUnited.com will be like the phoenix of lore and be reborn from it's ashes as a much prettier and more interesting place to hang out. 

I ave indeed set up a test forum.. It's still very much in it's infancy and may not be ready fro prime time give it a try though..

Stay Tuned!


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